RFO Capital provides cryptocurrency trading and selling software, with capabilities including algorithmic execution, arbitrage and proprietary trading.

Our software offers unique service by combing crypto arbitrate program and proprietary trading capabilities in one interface.

Our trading and arbitrage program is tokenized. That means our system calculates the value of the tokens in real time based on the tick by tick price of the cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies our program holds and allows our clients account for their capital in real-time based on the current price of the token. At the moment these tokens are not publicly available. It is only used for an easier accounting of our client’s capital allocation.

Our software solution is designed for institutional investors, capable of opening their own crypto trading accounts and directing their own trading.


Cryptocurrency arbitrage – taking advantage of price discrepancies between different cryptocurrency exchanges.

Proprietary trading – trade your own strategy leveraging your investment into the Arbitrage Program.

Algorithmic Selling program – selling tokens or coins automatically without impacting the market price.

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